Patola Saree – A Gem to Possess With Long Lasting Values

Whenever you are mentioning Gujarat designs, Patola Saree seems to be a matter of pride. Each saree will cost you quite some investment, but the art of making them is currently dying. There are hardly many Patola artists left, which makes the final product even more expensive than what it was before. Owning one such saree of lehenga will define luxury. Artists are switching more towards synthetic and best look-alike options, which is why Patola is now becoming obsolete.
More about the Patola saree:
Whether you are planning to invest some bucks on the Patola saree or trying to move on with the Patola Lehenga, it is important to know a tad bit of its history. It helps you to realise what exactly you possess once you own a Patola saree!
  • It is made by the silk weavers of the Salvi community of Gujarat.
  • The hand weaved Patola saree is a work of art at its finest.
  • It takes a year to make just one saree, and even more at times when the designs are intricate.
  • Each saree will cost you minimum of 2 lakhs rupees, which is a pretty high-scale for a saree.
  • In one year, multiple weavers will work together to create only 30 to 40 pieces of Patola saree.
  • However, the art of making such sarees that use double Ikat is dying fast.
  • Double Ikat is a major dyeing technique, where both the warp and weft of fabric is dyed with patterns before you can string them together in loom for making a saree.

Ultimate luxury at its best:

If you own a Patola saree, it means you are the owner of ultimate luxury. People, who are well-aware of textiles, will understand the value of Patola saree or even a simple Patola Dupatta for a change! However, not many people are knowledgeable when it comes to textiles and that gives rise to problem.

  • All the glowing chiffons might look luxurious to common consumer, but a completely natural Patola has more beauty and intricacy to it.
  • As these sarees are completely handmade, none of them are alike. That means once you own a Patola saree, you own one of a kind piece.
  • It will surely take a real patron to understand the present value of a Patola.
  • Patola saree remains undamaged and fresh across multiple decades, unlike the Banarasi one.
  • Banarasi sarees have silver in them, which will turn black with passing time. But, Patola saree, on the other hand, is truly ageless and they are bespoke in nature.
  • The colours, as used for making a Patola saree, are all extracted naturally from some natural sources like indigo, wax, pomegranate bark and more.
  • So, the colours are designed to stay intact for a long time, even when you pass the saree down as heirloom to the next generation.

All these points clearly prove why you need a Patola saree within your possession. It is important to choose Khatri Jamnadas Bechardas for the same. You can give us a call at 022-22425711/ 022-22424947 or email us your needs at for details.