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Panetar Saree

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      7 products

      Panetar saree: The rich epitome of Gujarat’s tradition

      White and Red is the preferred shade for an ethnic wedding saree amongst Gujarati brides. The Panetar saree is the Gujarati bridal saree. Notwithstanding new patterns like bridal lehenga choli incredibly gaining popularity, numerous families in Gujarat incline toward their young women to wear the traditional cream, red or white panetar saree for the wedding customs. 

      With changing design and the demands, even the standard Panetar have encountered many transformations. From shading varieties to different weavings, embellishments, and fabrics, Panetar sarees at Khatri Jamandas Bechardas are now accessible in unlimited assortments. Many young ladies likewise go for Panetar style lehenga choli for wedding events made in cream, red, and white tones. 

      The most recent Panetar lehenga is the most preferred option for women in Gujarat these days. They actually figure out how to adhere to their traditions, yet with a modern and stylish touch. 

      Wearing the Clothing: 

      A Panetar Saree for wedding or any Panetar saree is worn like any other Gujarati saree; for example, the pallu is taken to the front from the back over the right shoulder. Since it is a bridal part of clothing, jewelry is worn, which is appropriate for the wedding day. 

      Present Day Situation and Worldwide Impact: 

      The traditional attributes of the Panetar saree have now taken on a more modern flavor to interest modern, metropolitan sensibilities. For example, a few other lighter flowing fabrics, such as tissue, crepe, chiffon, organza, georgette, or silk mixes, are today used for weaving a Panetar saree. 

      Practically all modern Panetar sarees highlight lovely Resham weaving, sequin work, zardozi work, utdana work, or potentially stonework that includes Kundan on fabric. The motifs made from these materials can either be abstract, modern, or traditional. 

      Another adjustment in the Panetar is the revival of the shading green in the gathering. However, this component comes in with the blouse and not simply the saree.

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