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Why Ajrak Saree is the Fashion Item of 2023

Sarees have been the staple item of clothing for Indian women for centuries. But, is this ancient piece of clothing still relevant in this era of global fashion trends? Yes! Despite the rise of urban wear among Indian women, the saree continues to be a prestigious clothing item. Every year, women display uniquely designed sarees at weddings, functions, and other public events.

2023 is widely being regarded by Indian fashion experts as the year of the Ajrak saree. Ajrak is a unique form of Indian block printing. This art form originated in Ajrakhpur, Kutch. That’s where this Indian saree gets its name. Ajrak sarees have long been the symbol of Sindhi culture. Now, women from all cultures (including foreigners) wear this saree because of its class, comfort, and long-term value.

At Khatri Jamnadas Bechardas, we are proud to be the biggest collector of authentic Indian sarees. Our collection dates back generations. Our reputation as the most sophisticated provider of Indian sarees and lehengas is backed by our loyal customer base. We sell various types of sarees, including – Bandhani, Gharchola, Patola, Banarasi, Panetar, Lehriya, Lucknowi, and Kutchi.

In 2023, we’re expecting our Ajrak modal silk sarees to be the bestselling item. Here’s why –

The Rising Demand for Rare, Authentic Items 

Modern-day saree shoppers want to add the most comfortable and elegant-looking sarees to their collections. But, they also want sarees that are rare, unique, and have the potential to increase in value over time. Ajrak printing is sadly now a rare artform. Except for some areas in Gujrat and Sindh, not many artisans create this type of sarees anymore. That’s why our collection of Ajrak Sarees is so well appreciated by our customers.

While you can get silk or cotton sarees in hundreds of different designs – buying an authentic Ajrak saree is complicated. Not many saree sellers offer authentic Ajrak style sarees. We source our sarees from the best artists in Kutch. Our fashion experts work closely with the local Khatri community to verify the quality of the sarees we procure.

In 2023

, many modern-day saree shoppers will focus on buying rare, authentic sarees with historic value. With our Ajrak sarees, they get the perfect deal.

Suitable for All Weather Conditions

You can wear an exquisitely designed Ajrak silk saree anywhere under any temperature. We use natural Silk fibres to create our sarees. This high-quality material makes our Ajrak sarees wearable, even during the summers. You can slip on this lightweight saree and enjoy its airy features to stay cool during the summer months. In the winters, silk fibres offer low conductivity. Hence, the cold winds don’t impact your skin as much.

Modern-day women need clothing items that they can wear in all types of private, public, or professional settings. Our Ajrak silk sarees have a shiny look that can make anyone appear striking. More importantly, the soft sarees offer optimal comfort in all weather conditions.

Affordable Prices

In the past, Ajrak sarees were items that only the super-rich could afford. At Khatri Jamnadas Bechardas, we are proud to be changing this trend. You can now get our Ajrak sarees at discount rates. These sarees are extremely durable. Buy these sarees at discount rates now and wear them for the rest of your lives!