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Bandhani Saree | Bandhej / Chunri / Gaji Silk Bandhani Sarees Online

The sarees from Rann of Kutch holds a special place amongst the different varieties of sarees India is famous for. A famous saree from this zone is also popular by the name Bandhej or Bandhani saree.

The artwork behind such Gujarati bandhani sarees:

Bandhani sarees, as you might have an idea with the name, is referred to the procedure of binding small bits of clothes at regular intervals. This intricate work is done by the highly skilled craftsmen who utilize their fingernails for plucking the fabric to frame the little ties. Thereafter, the tying and dying process start. A whole string/thread is used to tie the piece of cloth. There are times when rubber bands are being used; however, it has been observed that the results are much better when a thread is used in the tying process.

Bandhani Sarees: The cultural status:

In India, there is a holy touch related to Bandhani, particularly in Gujarat. Many have a superstitious belief that a Bandhani / Bandhej saree is a good luck charm for women! This saree is particularly suitable for would-be-brides. A similar thing applies to newborns too. To invite the newborn babies, ladies made a special effort to ensure that they wore Bandhani sarees at the hour the baby was brought to the world. 

A few classic examples of fine Bandhani work can be found on the Gujarati Gharchola, Panetar, etc.

In Gujarat, Bandhani, with its different shadings and patterns, is utilized to identify communities and castes; it's not restricted to ladies; Bandhani work is used to feature men’s turbans too. The Bandhani saree’s colour indicates a women’s current life stage.  

If a woman is wearing red, then it means she is married. When she wears yellow, it symbolizes motherhood, and when she is wearing green, it indicates fertility.

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Bandhani / Bandhej Saree types:

Let’s look at the different types of the Bandhani saree we offer:

  • Jhankaar Bandhani: Stunning and gorgeous tones identify this type of bandhani saree. It is a selection of the white or light dabs found in different Bandhani styles and instead includes the use of maroon and bright red dots.
  • Borjaal: This kind of saree is about making a lattice of the strands with a conspicuous inter-play of tones and dabs. It has an enormous client base with Marwaris demanding them the most. We also have those sarees available in georgettes.
  • Bandhani: Color release: The manufacturing process of such Bandhani sarees is actually inverse to that of other Bandhani saree types. The usual strategy includes utilizing more dark tones over lighter ones; however, the process is just the opposite. One illustration of the similar one would put red spots over a foundation of light yellow.

A few questions answered on Bandhani sarees:

Q. Are bandhani silk sarees available?

Ans. Bandhani / Bandhej is also made in Silk due to its excess demand in the market. However, pure silk, all alone, is delicate and does not have the intricate resilience, tight tying, etc. Besides, there is a risk of tearing with silk. Sensitive silk may also lose its texture due to crinkling and crushing. Pure silk bandhani, subsequently, are costly and rare too. Most silk textures utilized for Bandhanis are mixed with cotton or thick. Pure georgettes (produced using silk filaments) are also incredibly famous as base materials for creating costly Bandhani. 

Q. What are gaji silk bandhani sarees?

Ans. Silk's gloss and magnificence are often looked out for, especially in Bandhani sarees, as they are closely connected with auspicious events. Since the tensile strength with pure silk is missing, which is required for the Bandhani process, textures are strengthened with poly strands, cotton, and so forth. The subsequent mixes are more agile and more affordable. 

At Khatri Jamnadas Bechardas, we offer gaji silk made Bandhani Wedding Lehenga Cholis, Gujarati Gharcholas, and Panetars. 

Q. What about Banarasi Bandhani sarees?

Ans. Banarasi Bandhanis are the Bandhani sarees having Banarasi brocade borders. Usually, such sarees are manufactured utilizing pure, top-notch georgette texture enhanced with brocade and Banarasi weave borders. Bandhani done on these costly sarees is regularly very fine. 

The famous colors used to manufacture gujarati bandhani sarees:

Bandhani is a symbol of auspiciousness and is an intricate artwork. It utilizes dark, deep tones; however, it starts with lighter tones usually. The initial coloring is, for the most part, done in yellow. Yellow and white regularly show up in circular patterns. A few other traditional Bandhani colors are maroon, red, ochre, indigo blues, tangerine, deep green, turquoise blue. Nowadays, you may also discover colors like mustard yellow, purple, black, beige, pink, etc. 


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