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Lucknowi Saree

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3 products

Lucknowi Sarees: Pick Traditional Sarees from Khatri Jamnadas Bechardas

There are no second thoughts that the saree is a woman’s best friend regardless of her age and figure. India is a hub of sarees, and the tradition continues from the old days. However, the saree styles have changed over the years drastically, although the conventional aspects are still there. 

If you are looking for pure georgette material, Khatri Jamnadas Bechardas is the best place to get quality fabrics within your budget. We have huge collections of gorgeous lucknowi sarees that you may drape for casual and formal occasions effortlessly. The beautifully handcrafted sarees have an essence of their own and fully reflect a woman's persona. 

Quality fabrics:

The beauty of a synthetic saree is a foregone conclusion, and the woven silk with a translucent look creates a scintillating drape. The obsession of Indian women with different styles and materials of sarees dates back to ancient times. Today, Khatri offers you wonderful collections of georgette and synthetic sarees with conspicuous motifs and artfully done embroideries. 

  • Synthetic and georgette sarees differ in quality, so before getting scammed, you need to check the authentic sarees at Khatri and know what quality means. 
  • We sell shimmering and smooth sarees and soft textures that speak of authenticity and quality at every step.
  • Our saree are lightweight and come with a dull and matte finish. 
  • The synthetic georgette sarees have tight weaves, and the fabrics we sell are filled with colorful and floral prints.
  • The yarns of a lucknowi saree in georgette have plain weaves with a slight twist in the opposite directions.
  • Our collections of georgette sarees produce the best drape, and we take pride in flaunting the best collections.

You can check our synthetic and georgette collections in the online store and take the best pick. What’s more, our prices are seemingly low compared to the quality we offer. 

Features of the lucknowi sarees:

When buying a lucknowi saree in synthetic from the Khatri online store, you will find all the characteristics fulfilled. 

  • The synthetic and georgette are lightweight, and the flowing fabric is breathable. 
  • Georgette sarees in our online store come with beautiful drapes and structures, adding a different dimension and creating a catchy effect. 
  • The colors of the saree fabric at our store are fast, and the materials allow the dye to stay intact without ruining the glorious hues and patterns. 
  • The slight stretch in the georgette sarees creates a bounce that creates the fullness in the material. 

The Indian georgette sarees are often made with silk and synthetic fabric and give a good drape. For many years, Khatri Jamnadas Bechardas  has been fulfilling the taste of sarees for Indian women and creating fashion statements that remind people about the tradition and culture of India. Even though the saree in our store speaks of tradition in every inch, we design for the tastes and temperaments of modern-day women. 

Maintenance of the lucknowi sarees:

The best thing about buying synthetic and georgette Lucknowi sarees from our store is fabric quality and low maintenance. Khatri Jamnadas Bechardas is one of the best online and authentic saree stores offering an opportunity for Indian women to step into sophisticated fabrics without spending a huge amount.