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Patola Lehenga

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16 products

Wear your Oomph with Patola Lehengas

Patolas have always been treasured and known for their unique patterns and designs. Women love to inherit pure patola garments from their mothers, sisters and mother-in-law. Patolas are passed to generations due to the work and the importance they hold in the Indian culture.

It is very famous in the state of Gujarat and mostly made only out of silk. It is a double ikat design that takes a lot of time to weave and includes intricate labour work. Lehengas come in various varieties. Patola lehengas are ones that are worn for a special occasion or a wedding.

The heavy work on patola makes it wedding ready with very few accessories. They are either semi-stitched lehenga or fully stitched.

Redefining the Patola

Patolas come from the word ‘pattakulla’ in Sanskrit and it originated in a place called Patan in Gujarat. Patolas customarily come in many variations. Some of the most common design motifs include flowers, geometric designs, shapes, human figures, animals and birds.

Some patolas also depict patterns that include popat that is parrots, Nari that is dancing women and Kinjar that is elephants. These designs remain uniform across the fabric and they are noticed in all kinds of outfit. Some also include Islamic embellishments to make them look royal.

Patolas nowadays have the famous Navaratna Bhat design which is the usual print design in the Sind. Patolas also include embellishments and embroideries.

Styling and taking care of this possession

There are many ways in which you can style this iconic fabric. Patola lehenga in synthetic fabric is easier to style due to the free flowing nature. It is very easy to pair the patola lehenga with a simple and plain silk blouse.

The patola designs and patterns bring out the sheen and elegance of a simple blouse or a crop top. It is advisable to pair the skirt and the crop top in contrast colours. Usually the patola lehengas come in bright and vibrant colours and hence should not be mixed with the same colour tone tops.

Patola dupattas can be paired with the lehenga to complete the look. This gives a very ethnic, simple yet a regal look to the attire. Patola semi stitched lehenga in synthetic can also be styled very easily due to the designs and patterns.

Patolas can be very fragile and turn dull if not washed properly. Dry cleaning the patola fabric is recommended. Whenever you wash a patola at home, you can just dip them multiple times in cold water and air dry it. It is not advised to use harsh soaps and detergents to remove the dirt.

Wrapping the patola in a muslin cloth before keeping in the wardrobe can keep them soft. They have to be steam ironed on very low heat.

The Takeaway

Khatri Jamnadas Bechardas have tailors and crafts persons who work on every attire with diligence so that we are able to provide the best for you keeping in mind the true sense of Patola.