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Bandhani suits: One of the latest and fashionable trends in India

Bandhani suits have become one of the trendy pieces of clothing reflecting Indian traditions and customs. As salwar kameez is a very common ethnic outfit in the wardrobe of every Indian woman, bandhani suits have grabbed their attention. You will never go wrong by wearing bandhani suits to attend any formal event. Moreover, bandhani suits with miraculous designs and vibrant patterns are available at a reasonable price.

The Bandhani suits / Bandhani salwar kameez are created using a method known as the bandhej. Therefore, the fabric utilized here undergoes a tie-dye procedure. This is a style that is practiced mostly in the Indian states of Gujarat and Rajasthan and is also known as Bandana or Bandhini. The phonetics rely upon how the local people living in different areas pronounce where such a method is usually practiced.

The term itself traces its inceptions back to ‘Bandha,’ a Sanskrit word, whose meaning is to ‘tie.’ This is very well-suited because the impact is created by tying a fabric with strings different intervals and afterward dying them in different tones/colors. 

Available in bright, vibrant colours, bandhani suits are perfect outfits that you can wear during religious events and auspicious occasions. Designers use pure silk, silk, gaji, cotton, some other fabrics to design lightweight, comfortable suits. Moreover, these classy bandhani suits are found in different designs, like chandrakha and shikari. These suits will hold timeless value, and you can make your own choice of colours while buying bandhani suits. Memon community prefers wearing black and maroon bandhani suits on the wedding day. Thus, these traditional suits will let you create a fashion statement on different occasions.

As these bandhej suits are easy to carry, they have won the heart of several Indian women. There is no intricate embroidery work and stone studded on the suits, and that’s why these suits are easily manageable. Nowadays, you can find bandhej style and prints on sarees. To get a traditional look, you can buy these suits and sarees.


The bandhani suits are /.extremely popular and are regarded as one of the top ethnic Indian garments. Such dress materials bear the true essence of Indian culture and are highly-regarded by several Indian women. 

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