Banarasi Lehenga

Banarasi Lehenga

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      56 products

      Tradition and Class Interwoven- Banarasi Lehengas

      Banarasi fabric is one of the most treasured and valued among other Indian handlooms. They have been popular and accepted widely among the Mughals who believed lehengas were a symbol of our age-old customs. Banarasi chaniya choli keep evolving and changing with time.

      Banarasi the word comes from the holy place of Varanasi. Most women love to have at least one piece of Banarasi cloth in their wardrobe due to its elegance and charm. Traditionally, brides used to include this royal silhouette as a part of their bridal lehenga.

      However with time, contemporary brides are using them in different ways for their D-day. Contemporary brides are also considering various other fabrics to make their lehenga, but banarasi silk would always be close to every woman’s heart.

      Banarasi lehengas are the right mix of modern as well as traditional vibe, that most modern brides would prefer. Apart from bridal lehengas, banarasi fabric is also widely used to make lehengas for special occasions and Indian festivities.

      The Vibrant Tri-coloured Banarasi Lehenga

      Lehengas are usually made with one colour, which may not suit every skin tone and every woman. The tri-colour banarasi lehenga has a glam factor to it. It is suitable for a variety of women as it mixes two to three colours. It also compliments the body type of many women due to the colour combinations.

      The colours make the lehenga look very flowy and light. Modern women also prefer pairing these lehengas with dupattas. They drape the dupattas across their shoulders and compliment it with a stone or diamond jewellery.

      The lehengas are either totally stitched or semi-stitched. Banarasi semi-stitched lehenga gives you the option of playing with the designs and is very convenient if you need to get ready for a last minute occasion or festival.

      Some lehengas come in bright colours such as yellows, reds, oranges and pinks, that are conventional yet modern. They include intricate detailing, embroidery and Zari work in gold and silver. The brocade work is a staple when it comes to Banarasi work as artisans weave various motifs on them.

      The motifs include flowers, animal prints, human figures and also geometric shapes. This is done with silk threads as well as Zari that gives the banarasi lehenga a gorgeous and timeless look. The lehengas are also dyed in the ombre trend and then embroidered heavily with borders to give it a festive look.

      Twist to the Lehenga- Banarasi Gowns

      The Banarasi choli or gowns are a perfect ensemble for the mehendi function or the bridesmaids of the bride. These gowns have a classy touch to it and the monochrome georgette style flatters almost all body types. These gowns can also be paired with any banarasi dupatta and layered jewellery to accentuate them.

      Bottom Line

       We at Khatri Jamnadas Bechardas celebrate the charm, grace and beauty of Banaras. We have an exquisite collection of Banarasi lehengas to choose from, that are traditional but at the same time perfect for the contemporary and modern bride.