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10 products

Gharchola Saree | Gharchola Silk Saree Online | Real Zari Gharchola

Weddings are special occasions among Indian families as it ties a knot amongst not only a bride and a groom but also brings two families together. Weddings are a part of the rich Indian customs, and when you talk about auspicious marriage ceremonies, ‘gharchola’s are an indispensable part of it.

The style to wear Gharchola sarees:

An integral part of Gujarat weddings, a Gharchola saree is an encapsulation of excellence made by Rajasthani and Gujarati weavers. It is a drape having striking tones of golden and red, grid pattern design, and bandhani impact look sublime. 

  • You can drape the gharchola over the head and shoulder at a marriage event.
  • You can wear it as a regular saree at different festivals and functions.  
  • One can wear a gharchola in style resembling the Gujarati tradition having the palla at the front side.

Khatri Jamnadas Bechardas brings you today their exclusive collection of gharchola sarees in Real zari cotton , Pure gaji Silk , Tested zari cotton, Banarasi style and embroidered in maroon and red colour.

Traditional Gharchola Saree: 

Gharchola saree is a traditional attire that offers a royal and grand appearance. Made of Gaji Silk, such sarees are most adored Rajasthani and Gujarati outfits. With Pure Handloom cotton, a few such traditional sarees (gharchola) are made, and they have silk type appearance and feel.

Gharchola Saree-The Banarasi pattern: 

The Banarasi gharchola is a fusion concept of handwoven banarsi khadi sarees with bandhani done on it. It is a classic saree. It has jaal and buti style pattern. It is usually in georgette fabric.It also referred to as modern gharchola.

Gharchola Saree-The Gujarati pattern: 

These sarees are famous not only in Gujarat but all over India. The appealing designs, attractive tones, and weaving work are laudable. 

Gharchola sarees- The Designer ones: 

In Khatri Jamnadas, we offer you designer gharchola silk sarees in different tones, grids patterns, and on the border. There is also zari work in silver, which makes these sarees look incredibly traditional. These sarees are high-quality cotton-made and feature bandhani print. Typically, rich tones, for example, red, orange, and green in these sarees are what most women love. 

A few other exclusive collections of our gharchola sarees online include the Panetar, Bandhani, Pure Silk Gharchola Sarees, etc. 

Final thoughts:

Gharcholas look stunning on all women. These stunning sarees won’t give you any different feeling but, without a doubt, will appear and make you feel like a queen on your special day—such a dazzling fabric from Khatri Jmanadas Bechardas in a must-include in your assortment of sarees. Whether or not you are from Gujarat, such a saree will indeed look astounding on you.